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Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf

How would you like to never mow grass again? How about never pulling weeds, fertilizing or worrying about pest in your lawn? These are just a few of the benefits to having artificial turf at your home. Artificial turf allows homeowners to have beautiful and lush lawns without the work and maintenance. Artificial turf is soft to the touch, perfect in every area, even under shady trees that will bring added curb appeal to any home. Homeowners no longer have to be embarrassed with their lawn, nor do they have to spend every weekend working on the lawn- only to be disappointed. Artificial turf is affordable and has a lifespan of up to twenty five years or more! If you are ready to move over to an environmentally friendly lawn, then All Seasons Never Mow Artificial Turf is the only choice.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass provides homeowners with a low maintenance surface that never needs to be watered or mowed. When synthetic grass is installed it comes with a drainage that allows water to drain off, while leaving the grass always looking amazing. Synthetic grass is safe and healthy and in the last forty years there has never been a report of someone becoming ill from the synthetic grass. The grass is soft and lush and is being used all over the United Kingdom at homes and recreation areas. Synthetic grass comes in all styles. Call the experts at All Seasons Never Mow Artificial Turf if you are wanting synthetic grass installed at your home, or you have any questions!